Blog Post Audits

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Do you think your blog posts might be missing the mark? Or are they just plain ol’ bad?

I offer blog post audits to help you figure out where you’ve gone wrong. I can either give you brutal feedback (in a kind way, of course) or re-write the post in a way that will keep your audience engaged beyond the introduction. You choose!

Here’s what I offer with my blog post audits:

  • Provide specific feedback to help you improve your writing skills and create more engaging content
  • Create action steps toward specific goals
  • Offer a fresh perspective on your work
  • Teach you how to organize your material
  • Map out an effective writing process
  • And more!

$50 to audit a blog post up to 1000 words with feedback, but no rewrite

$100 to audit a blog post up to 1000 words with feedback and a rewrite

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